Director: Ishteyak Arif Khan | Hindi / Black Comedy / 90 mins

Karnabharam and Urbhangam are two major compositions by Bhasa in the compilation of Sanskrit Plays. These two plays provide a discourse over two major incidents in Mahabharata. Bhasa has served his audience; the sufferings, injustice and inner conflicts of Karna and Duryodhan. I had a longing to do these two plays but when I started, I found that it would be injustice to the script to perform it in a short span of time. I and my team decided to tweak the concept a bit and contemporize the production. While thinking aloud I realized that it’s the same that media does with its audience. They tweak a piece of news and serve it in the most conflicted manner. Truth has been losing its existence. Media, which held the responsibility to form a clear thoughtful nation has built a confused and a chaotic nation. Instead of forming our own vision, our vision is influenced by media. Who will be our hero? What to eat? Which place to hangout with families and friends? What clothes to wear? What toiletries to use? Whom should we get married to? And many such questions which are being guided and influenced constantly. Does it not matter what the issue is? What is the effect of it? What matters is the TRP of their shows. Therefore our play tries to bring it to the audience that how we have become mere pawns in the hands of media.

Cast: Jatin Jaiswal as Ashvathama; Abhinay Sharma as Duryodhan; Arif Mirza as Karan; Rahul Tomar/Vaibhav as Dhritrashtra; Abhinay Sharma as Indra; Vaibhav/Rahul Tomar as Bhatt; Sujit Asthana as Balram; Arif Mirza as Durjya; Sujeet as Gandhari; Ashish Shukla/Ishteyak Khan as Pammi Ji; Tina Bhatiya/Neha Pal as Kiran Ji; Dheerendra Dwivedi/Faiz Mohammad/Alok Gagdekar as Chaman Lal; Vikram Kochhar as Dr. Tonk; Suryaveer Yadav/Anup Ingle as Jay; Tauqeer Khan & Susheel Botiyal as Aam Aadmi; Abhishek Pal & Mahendra Shriwas as Chatterjee; Dinesh Rajpurohit as Reporter; Vishwanath Chatterjee & N Malik as Anchor; Guest Appearance - Boloram Das; Special Appearance - Pankaj Tripathi, Uma Shankar Singh, Prasoon, Durvesh Asst. Director: Dheerendra Dwivedi Production: Arif Mirza Backstage: Manoj Kumar / Hemant Lights: Rohit / Rakesh Music: Arif / Anup Poster Design: Ashish Shukla Costume Design: Kiran Arif Khan Set Design: Dheerendra Dwivedi Produced by: Nikhil Dwivedi Special Mention: Mukhatib Theatre Group

Ishteyak Arif Khan
Born in 1976, Ishteyak Arif Khan was raised primarily at Panna (Madhya Pradesh). Apart from being a graduate from National School Of Drama, Ishteyak also holds a Prabhakar degree in Music. He nurtured his talent in the field of theatre and music in the company of eminent personalities like Late B.V. Karanth, Bansi Kaul, Ram Gopal Bajaj, Devendra Raj Ankur, Anuradha Kapur, Late Alakhnandan, Rob Clear and few more. Apart from acting in plays like Saiya Bhaye Kotwaal, Aadhe Adhure, Madhyam Vyayog, Maha Nirmaan, Pata Shehar Mumbai, etc., he also directed plays like Ek Thha Gadha Urf Aladad Khan, Ramleela, Ulukh, Khabsurat Bahu, Shadow of Othello, Sarthak Behas, Inhe Dekha Hai Kahin, Shriman Chor etc. Alongside he has also been designing and directing music for several plays. Presently he has also acquired popularity for his acting in cinema for films like Agyaat, Phas Gaye Re Obama, Tees Maar Khan, Jolly LLB, Phata Poster Nikla Hero, KLPD, Mastram, Tamasha, Rustam, Anarkali of Aarah etc.