Director: Smita Bharti | Hindi / Dark Comedy / Drama / 90 mins

Jug Jug Jiyo is the story of the lives of two childhood friends, Samyukta and Simran, widows for all appearances, living and sharing a small house in a small town. Samyukta runs a morgue, and Simran runs her son’s life. Samyukta’s daughter Sia and Simran’s son Siraj, childhood sweethearts, in a live-in relationship unknown to their mothers, are visiting their mothers from Mumbai on the night the play opens. As the night unfolds, one small confrontation between Sia and Siraj starts unravelling the lives of the two women across the last four decades, and soon only the shards of broken relationships litter the stage. When it seems as if there is no resolution to this devastation, love, and hope raise their tiny heads tentatively, and invite trust back into the fold. Jug Jug Jiyo is a call against female foeticide.

Cast: Dolly Ahluwalia Tiwari as Simran, Meghna Malik as Samyukta, Amit Dolawat as Siraj, Ankita Bhargava as Sia Script & Direction: Smita Bharti Light: Gyandev Singh Music: Anurag Kulkarni Costume and Set: Deepti Chawla Line Producer: Aditi Kapadia Production Manager: Kapil Singh, Balram Mait Executive Producer: Alka Bahadur Creative Producer: Natashja Rathore Presenters: Sunit Rastogi, Reetu Rastogi, Supratim Sen Presented by: Aartwo Produced by: Sakshi - An Aganpakhee Production

Smita Bharti
Smita is a Social Activist, Theatre Director and Writer. She has worked on over 20 plays with communities spanning social, class and age strata. Through research, training, workshops, performances, campaigns and publications, she works extensively and intensively with women and adolescents in difficult situations, in prison with under-trials, survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse, incest and physically and mentally challenged individuals. She also works with policy and decision makers who have the potential of making systemic change. She’s a senior fellow of KK Birla Foundation, WISCOMP Scholar and Rotary Global Peace Fellow and also a recipient of the Karmaveer Gold Chakra and Karmaveer Puraskaar for social change.