Ji, Jaisi Aapki Marzi

Director: Nadira Zaheer Babbar/ Hindi/ Social / 90 mins

The play consists of monologues by four women living very different lives. They represent the typical roles that a woman plays in our society, namely; mother, wife, daughter and sister, among others. This play is also about the men - the fathers, brothers, sons and husbands, who have an equal and sometimes the dominant role in defining a woman’s life!

In today’s supposedly modern times, the liberation of woman still remains an ambiguous issue for our country. Right to education, financial independence and equal footing in society still seem a far-fetched dream. As the four women take you through their lives and struggles, they make you laugh… and think, like never before!

Cast: Suhana Patni as Deepa, Sheetal Shardul as Varsha, Neha Shaikh as Sultana,Juuhi BabbarSonii as Babli along with Mithilesh Maihar & Manav Pande as puppeteers. Light Design: Akbar Khan Sound Design: Angshuman Dewan Music Operation: Ankur Parekh Set Design: Chhel - Paresh Costume Design: Juuhi BabbarSonii Poster Design: Juuhi BabbarSonii

Nadira Zaheer Babbar
A legendary name in Indian theatre, a graduate from the National School of Drama (NSD-1971) and went to Germany on scholarship. An Actor, Director, Playwright and Poetess, she has been awarded with the Sangeet Natak Academy Award, the Yash Bharti award for excellence in art and the Mahila Shiromani Award for outstanding contribution to Indian Theatre, among many others. She has been on the honorary board/ committee for Performing Arts- HRD ministry of India, the NFDC, National School of Drama, META awards and many more.

Her biggest contribution to the arts has been the EKJUTE theatre group which she founded in 1981. EKJUTE is not only a name synonymous to excellence in Hindi Theatre but also a platform of knowledge for amateurs and theatre enthusiasts. The bi-annual "Know The Actor In You" - EKJUTE’'s workshop is a name to reckon with and has been a part of several success stories. Mrs. Nadira Zaheer Babbar has directed over 100 plays, acted in more than 50 plays and performed with EKJUTE over 15,000 shows all around world.

She has also featured in the internationally acclaimed films like Bride n Prejudice (a Gurinder Chadha film) and M.F.Hussain’s Meenaxi- A Tale of Three Cities.